USPS Resources


As the major partner in college and university mail, USPS resources and information are essential to a well managed mailroom. This following is a small sample of the resources available from the United States Postal Service.

Links to Web Tools:


Postal Explorer
Search through the most updated online publications for answers to your mailing questions.

Track and Confirm
Searches for delivery information of Express, Certified, and Registered mail, and on special services such Delivery and Signature Confirmation, and Electronic Return Receipt.

Rates and Fees
Rate tables for, and descriptions of, all classes, features, and fees for both domestic and international mail.

Calculate Postage
Calculate postage right from your computer.

Find a ZIP Code
Search by address, city, or company; or find all the ZIP Codes in a particular city.

Selected online publications and resources:

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)
The official mailing standards of the USPS.

International Mail Manual (IMM)
Country specific rates and requirements for mailing to foreign countries.

USPS Publications

An assorted list of USPS publications that cover the wide array of services and policies.


View transactions of your postal permits online, and submit bulk mail forms from your own desktop. This site provides an overview of the service as well as user and technical guides.

CAPS: Centralized Account Processing System

A financial service that allows the business customer to fund all their postal permits from a unified account, even those located in other cities and states.

Business Mail 101

A basic overview of bulk mail for new or infrequent mailers. Includes tips, advice, and explanations.

Designing Letter and Reply Mail (Pub 25)
Official design standards and requirements with many helpful illustrations.

Postal Addressing Standards (Pub 28)
Description of proper address formatting and approved abbreviations.

International Postal Rates and Fees (Pub 51)

A condensed reference of general mailing information rates for items being mailed to foreign countries.

Quick Service Guide (Pub 95)
An easy to follow guide for standards, design, and preparation of discounted mail. A must have for every in-house bulk mail processing unit.

Designing Flat Mail (Pub 178)

Suggesting ways flat-size mail pieces can have design diversity and still be able to be processed by automated sorting equipment.

Directives and Forms Catalog (Pub 223)

Lists of current USPS materials such as publications, labels, manuals and notices.

Nonprofit Standard Mail Eligibility (Pub 417)
An easy to use guide that describes the appropriate use of nonprofit rates.

Understanding the Private Express Statutes (Pub 542)
Regulations governing the conveyance of mail not bearing postage.