The Archives

The ACUMS Archives consist primarily of Business Meeting minutes and newsletters dating back to the first conference held in 1979 at the University of New Hampshire. As late as the Spring 1983 conference at Bates College, meeting minutes and newsletters were combined within the same document. They can be accessed from either location on this website. It wasn’t until the Fall 1984 conference at Smith College that the first official meeting minutes were produced in the familiar format that is still used.

When the development of the original ACUMS website was underway a concerted effort was made to locate past meeting minutes and newsletters. Martha McLean (UMass Amherst) provided most of the material for these archives. Many items (if in fact they were ever produced), have gone missing. If anyone has any minutes or newsletters stored away that do not appear in these Archives, please send a copy of them to the President of ACUMS so they can be posted.

Meeting Minutes: While officially accepted by the Membership, it has been necessary in some instances to correct some spelling and grammatical errors. Every effort has been made to keep their editing to an absolute minimum.

Newsletters: Early newsletters were only available in hard copy format and can be read here as text. More recent newsletters have been available in .pdf format and can be viewed with all their formatting and images.