Resource Library

The Education Committee was established to provide members with resources for professional growth and staff development. To help with this, a Resource Library was established that allows active members borrow materials such as videos and books. Members can request items online through the Borrow From Library quick link.

The following guidelines for the library and its funding were approved by the General Membership of ACUMS at the Cape Cod conference on April 22, 2004.


  1. The Board of Directors shall establish the Library Fund with an initial grant of $1000 from the General Fund.
  2. Additional funding will be provided as needed and based on General Fund revenue.
  3. The Treasurer of ACUMS will be responsible for keeping track of Library Funds as a separate line item in the Treasurer's Report.
  4. The Education Committee may solicit special donations from members for media materials and funding.


  1. The Education Committee will select materials to purchase for the Library and will maintain a list of media and other resources available for members to borrow.
  2. The President, with approval from the Education Committee, shall select a Librarian to oversee the Library.
  3. The Chair of the Education Committee will authorize the purchase of materials:

a. Up to $250 without additional approval;
b. Up to $500 with the approval of two Executive
c. Over $500 with the approval of three Executive

Duties of Librarian

  1. Maintain the physical inventory of the Library.
  2. Package and send Library items to members who request them.
  3. Maintain records of rentals and expenses.