Education Resources

Educational and Professional Resource Center

In above photo Rick Carlson provides a tour of the UVM Print & Mail Center during the Spring 2013 Conference.

These resource sections exist to provide members with easy access to a variety of tools and programs that promote managerial and staff development. The Education Committee of ACUMS oversees the organizations official programs such as the Resource Library, Scholarship Fund, and conference sessions.

Certification Programs
A list of industry certification programs with links, basic criteria, and estimated fees.

USPS Resources
Trying to find just the right web link on the various USPS websites can be difficult. These links should make searching a little easier.

Useful Links
A list of non-USPS web resources and news.

Industry Publications
A brief summary of non-USPS, industry-related print publications.

Resource Library
A description of ACUMS lending library program, contact information, and reservation form.

Scholarship Fund
Information regarding the Charles D. Scott Scholarship for Professional Development which was established to help defray exam fees for members seeking industry certification.

Topics of General Interest
Contributions from members covering a variety of topics and styles. Power Point presentations, word documents, and templates are provided so members don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel themselves.

Borrow From Library
On-line form to borrow library materials from the ACUMS library at no cost. For ACUMS members only.