Membership in ACUMS is available to anyone involved in the supervision and management of mail processing for institutions of higher education. Generally drawing membership from the Northeast Postal Region ( New England, New York, New Jersey), ACUMS has members from across the country.

Applicants must be directly employed by a college or university. Vendors and employees of management services cannot join.


Apply Online: After submitting the online form an invoice will be emailed to the applicant. Membership will be activated when the membership fee is received by ACUMS.

Print a Form: Alternately, an application can be printed out and mailed with a check.


Dues are $35 per individual per year, July 1 to June 30. Active members can view Member Only sections of the website; attend bi-annual conferences (when applicable registration fees have been paid); be added to the ACUMS listserv; run for office; and vote on proposals and in elections.

Pay With Credit Card: ACUMS members can pay their membership dues by credit card, either when renewing their NACUMS membership, or not. If you are paying your ACUMS fee only, use the link below and sign in under the NEW USER link on the lower half of the page.


ACUMS fee only

Fees and applications should be mailed to:

ACUMS Treasurer, Katherine Nelligan
c/o SUNY Oneonta
108 Ravine Parkway
Oneonta, NY 13820

Email for more information about joining ACUMS.