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Incoming Student Package Tracking Software

Our College is looking into changing our incoming package tracking software that we use for student packages. If your College or University uses incoming package tracking software for student packages, that you are pleased with and would recommend, would you mind responding to this email with the na...

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Tracking & Banner Enterprise syst.

I need info on package tracking/ asset tracking systems that are used by Colleges and Universities who are on the Banner Enterprise System. We are going live in the next month, and I cannot get a straight answer if the asset tracker needs to be compatible with Banner, or is it ok as a standalone? We...

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Mailroom Staffing Ratios

Hello everyone - I have recently assumed responsibility for our internal mailroom. My experience has been in bulk mail processing. There are 5000 student mail boxes for whom we process packages and letter mail. The biggest challenge thus far, is staffing appropriately over the course of the year to ...

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Mailing Diplomas

Hello, We have been mailing diplomas in a cardboard tube and sending as a parcel for quite some time. We are rethinking the options of mailing and what other schools are doing. Please tell me how you mail yours and if there has ever been issues of damage if sent flat in harder cardboard mailers rath...

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SA - 3100 Address machine & printing return addresses

Dear All, Barnard College Mail Services uses Secap SA-3100 Address Label machine to print addresses on Number 9 and ten envelopes. We want to to explore having return addresses printed on the envelopes I want to inquire if are any institutions that are utilizing this function. Can you please advise....

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