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Undeliverable Mail

Hi All, What are your procedures for handling incoming mail that has no department or attention line? For example mail that is received from a Law Firm or a business address or from an individual's personal address. Can you please share. Olive Conteh, Barnard College

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Letterhead anyone?

So we have been tasked with the possibility of printing letterhead and my options seem limited. We do not want to get an offset, what other solutions are out there? Digital seems a little too risky, the toner bleeds, fuses, generally wrecks the secondary printers when ran again. Any suggestions will...

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Question about your mail software

We currently use satori software for our mailings and it is up for renewal soon. I wanted to see if others use satori as well and like it or is there a different software you prefer? Thanks, Kristine Pettee, Dartmouth College

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Mail meter machines

Hello, We are in the process of looking to replace our Pitney Bowes DM1000 since we are being told that it is end of life as of December 31. We have spoken to both Neopost and PB. Please tell me what meter machine you are using and any feedback on it. Also, if you are within driving distance, would...

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Department Charge Back disputes

Hi All, I spoke about this briefly with a few of you at the conference, but I was wondering how you all deal with departments disputing mail charges? Do any of you require an order form? Are you just charging all the mail to one account? I'd be very interested to know how you all are handling this...

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Expanding Services

Hi All, In the days of "spend management", department reorganizations and consolidations - have any of you taken on additional responsibilities / providing additional services to your campus community? I'm especially interested in hearing from combined mail/copy units. Thanks Joanie Fitzgerald, N...

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