Organizing Letter, 1978

TO: Directors, Managers, and Supervisors
       Mail Services--New England Colleges and Universities

FROM: Charles D. Scott; Manager University of New Hampshire
            Mail Service

RE: Mail Service Managers Association of New England

At September's National Postal Forum in Washington, D.C., a special workshop on college, university, and library mail was available for the first time.

Ms. Emily Smith, of the University of New Hampshire Publications Office, served as moderator of this panel, along with Doug Barnett, from the University of Michigan Mail Service, and two Postal Service employees.

The workshop was well attended. Many Questions were asked and several ideas were exchanged by the audience.

One of the questions asked was: Would it be possible to organize an association of mail service directors/managers/supervisors on a national scale? It was recommended that associations be formed by region first and then possibly on a national level.

Organizing such an organization was discussed with several mail service managers in New England and they were in favor.

At this time, I would appreciate hearing from you regarding the formation of a New England Mail Service Managers Association. We might meet once or twice a year reviewing different mail services and exchanging ideas of each of our operasions. A suggested list topics is enclosed.

The University of New Hampshire would be pleased to host this Association meeting. A date would be selected in the near future.

Your comments, suggestions, or ideas will be most welcome. I hope to hear from all of you by January 15. If interest is indicated, we will proceed to set a date for our first meeting.

Suggested Topics

  1. Charge-back Systems--for postage and services rendered.
  2. Accountability of trust fund accounts at the Post Office.
  3. Delivery of U. S. mail on campus--or the lack of it.
  4. How mall is actually processed in a centralized mailroom.
  5. Delivery of parcel post and pick-up service for metered mail.
  6. Procedures for forwarding of mail for former faculty and students.
  7. Permission and control of your bulk mail permit and business reply mail.
  8. Modern mailroom equipment makes for an efficient mail service.
  9. Permission, control, and delivery procedures for campus mail.
  10. Alumni Association vs. Travel Bureau: Who has the right to mail on your university bulk rate permit?
  11. Hiring of new personnel and training programs utilized.
  12. Good public relations with your local Post Office.
  13. Monthly, annual, and president's reports.

With all of these topics listed above, I am sure we could exchange ideas and suggestions that would be very valuable to all of us Mail Service Managers. I personally recommend that we organize this association and be able to discuss these ideas that are common, everyday problems for most of us.

Your immediate response will be most appreciated.